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R600 Series Curve Aluminum Die CastingJE-R600


- Outdoor stage background

- Concerts

- Exhibitions

- Outdoor advertising


● Brand-new solution for outdoor application. The cabinet can realize seamless concave and convex format(0-45 degrees adjustable installation). It's perfect for various complicated curved applications.
● The light-weight, thin, transparent, flexible features makes it suitable for countless applications - from live events to fixed installations, indoor as well as outdoor.
● The high transparancy ensure the wind resistance and has a good heat dissipation, no need any cooling system for outdoor use.
● Easy to be assembled and also can be removable and replaceable individually.
● RGB meticulous gray level adjustment to make a abundant and exquisite colors and clear/natural images.
● High refresh rate make the image uniform and nature.
● Die-casting aluminum material, ensure the flatless of the screen and the margin of error can be controlled within 0.1mm.
● High anti-aging material, as well as the high protection level, which makes it perfect for any complicated application.
● Professional aviation connectors, stable and safe.