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N18 Series Indoor MeshJE-N18


- Bars

- Playhouse Theatres

- Multifunctional exhibition halls

- Cafe shops

- Hotels

- Stage performances

- Concert halls
- Commercial buildings

- Airports

- Railway stations

- Shopping malls


● Adopt the advanced SMD 3 in 1 technology, makes the screen with a super-wide viewing angle and better flatness in the surface of the screen.
● Consumption is only 64W / m², super energy-saving.
● Lightweight, ultra-thin body of the screen design, cabinet total weight of only 5.5kg, effectively saving freight costs.
● The entire screen flatness error <0.2mm, can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of mosaic.
● Synchronization of color and brightness adjustment, makes the picture more lifelike.
● High contrast ratio, high refresh rate makes the screen without any delay or smear phenomenon.
● Cabinet design uses suspension mounting structure, so that the assembly process is more efficient.
● Professional flight case for package, it has a better protection for the cabinets and equipment, especially for rental screens.
● Connection cables adopted professional avigation plug, assures the quality and safety of whole screen.