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R500 Series Aluminum Die CastingJE-R500


- Indoor stages

- TV studios

- Concerts

- Theme parks

- Airportas

- Stations

- Exhibitions where need quick installation is needed


● Super thin and light weight(weight :9KG, thickness :80mm), which reduce the weight load and save shipping cost, storage space and installation cost .
● high refresh rate , high gray scale ,high contrast rate , perfect viewing effect.
● seamless connection and soft image.
● Energy-saving , environmental protection, low power consumption with average 160 W/m², save more than 50% energy.
● easy and fast installation without tools, and both for fixed installation and rental using,
● support hot-plug connection, and safety operation.
● aluminum die-casting cabinet, flatness and uniformity screen with cabinet difference controlling within 0.1mm and screen gap within 0.5mm.
● both for fixed installation and rental using, various installation condition.
● Support point correction function, ensure the color and brightness consistency.
● one cabinet with multi-purpose, product upgrading only need to change the module , low upgrade cost.