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C60 Series StadiumJE-C60


- Football fields

- Basketball courts

- Tennis courts

- Baseball fields

* Used to display the score / live games and also it can be used for advertising.


● With a high refresh rate, high brightness, high intensity, clearly showing every exciting events moment.
● Cabinet is available in adjustments between 65 ° 、70 ° 、75 ° 、80 ° 、85 °、 90 ° to ensure optimal viewing angle.
● Soft mask and top protection board design, it can effectively protect the screen and personnel safety when the screen body being strong shocks.
● Easy snap fittings connection between cabinet designed is for quick installation and removal Screen to create a very convenient conditions.
● Adopt efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the signal delays, to ensure the consistency of the tournament picture playback.
● Dual backup power supply and data control signals.
● High-strength anti-aging fabric, IP65 protection class, able to withstand any environment test.
● Adopt professional air plug connectors, stable and safety.